Hello And Welcome To My First Blog Post Of EveryTalks. Intro About Me & My Blog.

Welcome to EveryTalks

 I am thankful to you that you took a good initiative to come to my blog article.  Thanks a lot.

 I will not take much of your time, you will be able to know about me and my blog in a few moments.

 So, my name is Mukesh Kumawat, I have done a 3 year diploma course in 2016 from Mechanical Engineering.

 On 6 October 2018, MKYOGA AESTHETICS launched YouTube channel under HEALTH & FITNESS category and currently YouTube channel has 51 videos public with information on Yoga, Pranayama, Meditation and Ayurveda and is continuously working.

Why I Started My Blog

Research is my hobby hard work for your knowledge

 The purpose of creating this blog is that I can build a much better and stronger relationship with you and share my personal experiences with you which will give you a better and quality information.

 With this, I am so thrilled that I will get to learn a lot from you which will be very important for me.

 I already knew about the world of internet, but I got a chance to know in depth when my father bought me the first smartphone.

 Then I watched videos on YouTube which gave me information about creating YouTube channels and blogs.
 Then I made my first YouTube channel after doing more research about it.

 I felt that I could connect with more people through the blog and share my experiences with them.

What You Will Be Seeing More Of In My Post

What you will be Seeing More of in my posts

 Every talks is a name that gives you the freedom to talk in every way and share your experiences.

  Whether it is about his personal experience or education, sports, health and fitness or information that will be useful to everyone and can be associated with science and technology and entertainment, music etc.

 I still do not know much about blogs and websites.

Read learn know

 But I will try my best to be able to communicate well with you and to get many ideas going on in my mind in the world of internet.

 I might not have taken much of your time.

Thanks for coming to my website

 I congratulate you again on my first blog post, and hope that you will share your invaluable thoughts with us in the comment section, which I will eagerly await.

" Hope you like my first blog post. "

 Please share this blog post with someone.

 Love and thank you all so much.


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