Vitamin D Deficiency : Symptoms and remedies. Do yoga in the sunlight, remove VITAMIN-D deficiency.

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                  Today in this article we will talk about what symptoms appear in our body due to lack of vitamin-D.

  With which we will be able to know that our body is deficient in vitamin-D and what is the appropriate solution, so that we can complete vitamin-D deficiency and make our health energetic and healthy again.

 So, friends, we talk about what symptoms appear in your body due to lack of vitamin-D.

 Symptoms of VITAMIN-D deficiency.

 1. Bone and Muscle Weakness: Friends, if you feel that your bones and muscles ache without any reason then it may be due to lack of Vitamin-D in your body.  Vitamin D works by absorbing many nutrients in our body and strengthens our bones and muscles and teeth, so Vitamin-D is very important for our body.

 2. High blood pressure problem: If your blood pressure is increased or you are having high blood pressure problem then there may be deficiency of Vitamin-D in your body.  Due to lack of vitamin-D, our body starts struggling with the problem of high blood pressure.

 3. Laziness and laziness in the body: Due to lack of vitamin-D, there is laziness and laziness in our body, our mind does not feel comfortable in any task and we start feeling tired after working for a short time.
 Therefore, deficiency of Vitamin-D reduces the energy of our body.

 4. Changing mood again and again: The easy symptom of vitamin-D deficiency is that your mind does not seem to do any work and your mood also keeps changing, which means that you have vitamin-D deficiency in your body.  Has been

 5. Stress and irritability: Lack of vitamin-D in women increases their stress.  Their behavior leads to irritability.  Vitamin-D is required more in women.

 Now friends talk about ways to overcome vitamin-D deficiency.

 4 things will remove vitamin-D deficiency in your body.

 1. Things made from milk like milk, cheese, yogurt etc. are rich in vitamin-D. By consuming them, the amount of vitamin-D inside your body will be balanced.

 2. Cereals are rich in Vitamin-D, so cereal should be consumed, so Vitamin D will never be reduced in your body.

 3. orange juice, soy milk, and cereals.  If all three of these things are also rich in vitamin D, then consuming them will not cause vitamin D deficiency in your body.

 4. If you want to overcome vitamin-D deficiency in the easiest way, then you should do yoga, pranayama and exercise in front of the sunlight, keeping your reed bone, ie back, so that vitamin-D is created in your body.
Will happen  You do not need to spend anything for this.  This is a free-of-cost approach, by which you can overcome your body's vitamin-D deficiency and lead a healthy life.

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